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  • Модел: IE12
  • Тип: ЕКГ
  • Цена: Запитване
  • Производител: .....
  • Категория: ЕКГ апарати
  • Подкатегория:
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Запитване за IE12

Съобщение (вашето съобщение)


IE12 is a new type of 12-channel ECG which has made a lot of improvement in the key ECG technologies of quickness, accuracy and stability as well as the streamlined workflow. It applies a new platform for ECG signal acquisition, which can well perform in interference reduction, fast waveform display, right-level of filtering and cost-saving. It caters for the hospitals and busy clinics where ECG volume is high, speedy and qualitydemanding.


ECG workstation software, WIFI, barcode scanner, USB flash disk, Trolley