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About Us

 Nova Medical LTD. - BULGARIA is specialized in the field of supply, installation and service maintenance of high-class medical equipment of a wide range.
A quality management certificate has been awarded to Nova Medical Ltd with the approval of the LLOYD’S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE Ltd. It means that the company’s quality management system meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Nova Medical Ltd has a License for activity with sources ionizing radiation, issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency of Bulgaria as well as a License for wholesale in medical devices, issued by the Bulgarian Drug Agency at the Ministry of Health.
Within the last year, the company has been engaged in a number of important projects in the medical diagnostic imaging and the invasive cardiology fields.
We join the endeavors of our team to realize successful entire projects, based on:
 •Research, design and construction of medical cabinets in accordance with all the legal, technical and technological requirements.
 •Consultation, supply, installation and put into operation of medical equipment as well as training to operate with the same.
 •Maintenance assurance – in and after the warranty period.

We dispose with our own administrative and service maintenance offices on the territory of the cities Sofia and Plovdiv. Thus, we could guarantee a timely complex servicing of our clients.
We have direct business relations with our partners and our company does not use subcontractors for the supply, installation and maintenance of the medical equipment. Thereby we are in a position to provide for rival projects as well as quality and independency of their realization.
Using transportation of our own, we could offer competitive prices and technical support in short terms.

Nova Medical Ltd has become a chosen partner for the supply and installation of the following line of medical equipment:
 •X-ray systems;
 •Ultrasound systems;
 •Anaesthetizing machine systems;
 •Intensive care equipment;
 •Cardiology devices;
 •Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Neonatology;
 •Ear, Nose and Throat;
 •Endoscopic devices;
 •Ophthalmology equipment;
 •Laboratory equipment;
 •Pathoanatomical diagnostic equipment;
 •Equipment for surgical departments;
 •Sterilizing machines;
 •Gas systems;
 •Hemodialysis machines;
 •Hospital equipment.
We prepare complex projects in accordance with the individual requirements of each hospital or health centre we work with. Our solutions cover the following activities:
 •Consultation and design;
 •Perform all the necessary construction repairs;
 •Supply, installation and put into operation of medical equipment;
 •Training the medical staff to operate with the medical equipment;
 •Maintenance and service – in and after the warranty period;

As a direct importer of medical equipment, devices and supplies, Nova Medical Ltd works in accordance with the Directive 92/43/EC. We deliver products of high quality from leading global manufacturer and we provide the respective authorized service.
There are highly skilled service professionals, which are part of the Nova Medical team. Our engineers have special training to maintain specific medical equipment, obtained under the direct supervision of manufacturers in Toronto, London etc.
We offer the following forms of authorized service:
 •Service on a subscription;
 •Service per order basis.

The subscription service contract enables the client to get up to 20% discount of all spare parts, which Nova Medical Company would deliver to his place.
At the present, Nova Medical Ltd has successfully completed projects and a great number of signed subscription service contracts on the territory of Bulgaria.

Becoming our client, you are well provided for:
 •Reliability and short deadlines;
 •High-qualified capacity of our engineers and commercial department;
 •Training for proper operation of the medical equipment, instructions in Bulgarian;
 •Authorized by the manufacturer maintenance service;
 •A wide variety of spare parts and supplies available on stock.

The motto of Nova Medical Ltd is “Quality in your life” and the professionalism is the main source our development.
Our deep belief is that the QUALITY and PROFFESIONALISM are the guarantee of success!